Cyprus Tango Holiday

Come with us for a weekend of Tango, Sea & Sun!

Experiment the magic of the Cyprus Tango Meeting

Imagine hundreds of people coming from all around the world dancing together for 4 days.

They do not have the same native language but they understand each other through one mean: by improvising to the Argentine Tango.

Come and discover the magic of the Cyprus Tango meeting: days of social dancing, workshops with world class maestros & relaxing moments by the beach, the pool or inside the spa.

Study with world class Maestros!

Every year, the Cyprus Tango Meeting welcomes the greatest International Maestros in the world!

Whether you want to perfect your walk, embrace and musicality, or you want to learn new movements, there are workshops on every subject!

A tango trip to paradise

Cyprus is a beautiful destination, with sun, white sand & turquoise sea all year round!

As London will get rainy and cold, why not come with us to Cyprus and enjoy the sun ? 😁

Book your trip to Cyprus today!

Use the reference code LondonCyprus2023 when booking on the website!

You will be part of our group and spend amazing time dancing and relaxing on the beach! Registration will open toward April 1st!