Social Dancing Course (Vals & Milonga – All Levels)

Group Lesson

Learn to dance for Social Tango Events!

Get to dance at Social Events!

Tango is not the only dance being shared at social events. Actually, in 1 hour, for each 4 sets of tango songs you will here, you will generally have 1 set of vals songs & 1 set of milonga songs, the sister dances of Tango!

Learning these two dialects will make you enjoy social events like nothing else!

The Vals: Turns & Flow!

Vals is a dance that is, comparatively to tango, made of many turns and linear movements in double beats!

It is like a eternal cycle of joy, nostalgia, regrets, love & memories, where its essential lesson is that life goes on.

Vals teaches you to flow like no other dance.

The Milonga: Rhythm & Playfulness!

If Vals was one extreme, and Tango was in the middle, Milonga would definitely be on the other side!

Milonga is a dance full of rebounds, double beats & playful interactions!

It will definitely improve your musicality, connection & interaction in your tango dancing! And you will be able to impress everyone during social events.

Milonga has the reputation of being harder to dance, but it is actually the easier of the 3 dances to learn. It is also full of fun!

When & Where?

Starting Date: Thursday 2nd of November
Time: 8:00pm
Duration: 7 weeks
Location: Fitness First Tottenham Court Road (Goodge Street Station)
– 100£ for the Full Course (7 Weeks)
– 20£ per class (drop-in)

What You’ll Learn:

– Be able to improvise during social events on any song you hear!
– Learn to dance vals, improve your turns and flow of your tango!
– Learn to dance milonga, improve your rebounds, double beats & playfullness!

Who are we?

Adrien & Iro
Founders of The Argentine Tango School

We are passionate about people. Tango is such a beautiful dance, because it creates a wonderful space for people to share human emotions: joy, friendship, nostalgia and love.

Starting tango is becoming part of a huge family. We want to provide you with the best possible experience so that you fall in love with this dance like we did.