The Argentine Tango Proficient Course (Level 4)

Group Lesson

Your Journey is only Starting!

Increase your Repertoire to Hundreds of steps!

Whether you lead or you follow, in this level, you will learn to do almost anything!

Because of its structure, Tango has endless paths to improvisation. You will develop an exponential repertoire of movements that you will learn to combine in an infinite amount of ways!

You will start to feel real freedom and flow when dancing, enjoying real connection,

Discover advanced musicality and dynamics!

Learn to dance every variation of the music with strong dynamics: melody, counter-melody, syncopas, fraseos, and much more!

Develop a movements of beauty and comfort, adding more uniqueness to your dance and musical interpretations!

Learn to mold your embrace to your partners, express more precise emotions and get to know why tango is called the dance of “1 body with 4 legs”.

Develop a truly unique Embrace.

A dancer is always defined by his embrace. By dancing so many hours, you will develop a truly unique touch, way of connecting with others, and get to discover what tango means for you!

Your embrace will have your energy and identity, but will be declined in an infinity of dynamics, forms and shapes.

Be remembered for who you are and develop the incredible adaptability of tango dancers!

When & Where?

Starting Date: Friday 3th of November 2023
Time: 7:15pm
Duration: 7 weeks
Location: Fitness First Tottenham Court Road
(Goodge Street)
– 100£ for the Full Course (7 Weeks)
– 20£ per class (drop-in)

What You’ll Learn:

– Learn more challenging steps!
– Make your embrace the most comfortable place in the world.
– Further your understanding of musicality: double-beats, half-beats & dynamics!

Who are we?

Adrien & Iro
Founders of The Argentine Tango School

We are passionate about people. Tango is such a beautiful dance, because it creates a wonderful space for people to share human emotions: joy, friendship, nostalgia and love.

Starting tango is becoming part of a huge family. We want to provide you with the best possible experience so that you fall in love with this dance like we did.