The Argentine Tango Intermediate Course (Level 3)

Group Lesson

Congrats on your progresses!

Learn more challenging steps!

You have already accomplished so much! And there is a lot more to be accomplished!

In this level, you will learn to further many of the concepts, and experience more challenging new steps and combinations: you will get exposed for the first time to external sacadas, full giros & barridas!

You will learn to flow in a more organic way and transform your dancing experience into something enjoyable & musical!

Make your embrace adaptable & comfortable

Tango is not black or white: it is mostly made of subtleties & transitions.

In this level, you will learn to transfer seamlessly between open & close embrace, making your embrace warm and comfortable, while becoming more precise in leading & following movements.

The embrace is the central element of the tango embrace. It is what allows us to connect to each other, and to communicate in a meaningful and beautiful way.

Further your understanding of musicality

It is said by many that a great tango dancers mastered 2 elements: embrace & musicality.

In the intermediate course, we will further our study of orchestras, musical dynamics & rhythms!

You will also learn to dance in double beats, half-beats and learn sequence to easily vary the dynamics of your dance. So that your dances are always unique & surprising!

When & Where?

Starting Date: Monday 30th of October 2023
Time: 8:00pm
Duration: 7 weeks
Location: Fitness First Tottenham Court Road
(Goodge Street)
– 100£ for the Full Course (7 Weeks)
– 20£ per class (drop-in)

What You’ll Learn:

– Learn more challenging steps!
– Make your embrace the most comfortable place in the world.
– Further your understanding of musicality: double-beats, half-beats & dynamics!

Who are we?

Adrien & Iro
Founders of The Argentine Tango School

We are passionate about people. Tango is such a beautiful dance, because it creates a wonderful space for people to share human emotions: joy, friendship, nostalgia and love.

Starting tango is becoming part of a huge family. We want to provide you with the best possible experience so that you fall in love with this dance like we did.