The Argentine Tango Advanced Course

Group Lesson

This is where great dancers are made!

You thought you were near the end…

… But you are only at the very beginning!

Tango is a lifelong journey. There is an infinity of details to master in the embrace, the walk and the most simple movements.

We will keep working to make your fundamentals excellent, so that you are free to perform absolutely any movements.

Develop your own style

As you progress toward a more advanced level, you will become more and more unique in your dance. Your favorite steps, rhythms, orchestras, embraces will come out more and more.

We will help you develop your tango in the direction that inspires you, instead of trying to make you a copy of our own style.

Tango, as any dance, has both the collateral effect and the goal to make us free in our emotional expression and in our body capabilities. Developing this freedom will give the choice of style you want to create.

Begin Professional Training

The advanced level is also where we start our professional training. Students will be given the opportunity to perform on stage, take part in more intense training sessions & study in-depth with visiting maestros to further their understanding of the dance.

We accompany every student wanting to develop tango at a professional and will provide them with performing (solo & group) & competing opportunities.

Every student will have the occasion to develop into a stylistic direction that matches their values, professional & artistic goals.

When & Where?

Starting Date: Saturday 9th of September
Time: 2:00pm
Duration: 8 weeks
Location: Fitness First Tottenham Court Road (Goodge Street Station)
125£ for the 8-Week Course (~15£ per class)
20£ per class (drop-in)

What You’ll Learn:

– Perfect your fundamentals to be completely free in your dance
– Develop your own style
– Study more in depth & start professional training

Who are we?

Adrien & Iro
Founders of The Argentine Tango School

We are passionate about people. Tango is such a beautiful dance, because it creates a wonderful space for people to share human emotions: joy, friendship, nostalgia and love.

Starting tango is becoming part of a huge family. We want to provide you with the best possible experience so that you fall in love with this dance like we did.