Balance & Body Awareness (All Levels!)

Group Lesson

Dance beautifully & comfortably!

Find your balance, even with high heels!

We enjoy dancing so much more when we don’t have to focus on keeping our balance or being uncomfortable!

By working on your technique, your dance will become effortless and you will be able to lead and follow movements that you never thought would be accessible before!

Technique is an absolute fundamental element of both being a leader & follower, and deserve its own course dedicated to it!

Body Awareness: the key to Elegance, Grace & Comfort!

Looking at tango videos, you were always impressed by spectacular movements? Here is the secret: you will do them effortlessly by training your Body Awareness!

Knowing your body, linking sensation to movement and visual is the key to dance better!

You will be able to develop a unique style, musical & visual identity by understanding your body better!

When & Where?

Starting Date: Friday 3rd of November
Time: 6:15pm
Duration: 8 weeks
Location: Fitness First Tottenham Court Road (Goodge Street Station)
– 100£ for the Full Course (7 Weeks)
– 20£ per class (drop-in)

What You’ll Learn:

– Be able to dance effortlessly by mastering tango technique!
– Be on balance, comfortable & be able to focus on the connection!
– Add esthetics, style & musicality to your tango!

Who are we?

Adrien & Iro
Founders of The Argentine Tango School

2023 Tango UK Champions

We are passionate about people. Tango is such a beautiful dance, because it creates a wonderful space for people to share human emotions: joy, friendship, nostalgia and love.

Starting tango is becoming part of a huge family. We want to provide you with the best possible experience so that you fall in love with this dance like we did.