Interested about our classes?


Beginner Course (Level 1)

Every Tuesday
Tottenham Court Road
October 31st – December 12th

Every Wednesday
Tottenham Court Road
November 1st – December 13th

Every Monday
Tottenham Court Road
October 30th – December 11th

Every Friday
Tottenham Court Road
November 3rd – December 15th

Every Thursday
Tottenham Court Road
November 2nd – December 14th

Every Friday
Tottenham Court Road
November 3rd – December 15th

What are our courses like?


For our courses, each class has been carefully structured to maximize the progress of each student.

The 1st part of the class will always focus on reviewing movements, while the 2nd part will bring a new movement or concept every week.

Each class is finished by a recap video and an exclusive demo from the teachers.


At the heart of our commitment is to make tango fun, accessible & meaningful.

We want to make sure your experience is positive, heartwarming & you feel more confident with every passing class.

We treat each student as a close friend. Our classes are welcoming to every gender, race, sexual orientation, age & belief.

We all have a lot of beauty inside of us, and by creating a welcoming environment, we want people to feel encouraged in their self-expression & uniqueness.


You will never make friends as fast as in tango classes! While we welcome couples, we love to encourage people to mix with very frequent changes of partner.

We make sure that everyone gets comfortable and quickly feels at home!

We follow our classes with drinks, and organize tango social events for the students to socialize further.

We offer 6 classes every week!

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