About Us

Adrien Bariki-Alaoui &
Iro Davlanti-Lo

Founders of The Argentine Tango School
2023 Tango UK Champions

We are two passionate Tango dancers dedicated to perform, teach & organize social events.

We are the 2023 Tango UK Champions and were selected as UK Tango Ambassador for the Embassy of Argentine in the UK.

We finished 3 times finalist of the European Championship and won twice the special Paula Niklison price on two different occasions.

We won the 1st Tango reality called Tango Champs in 2019, competing against couples all throughout the world, with a jury composed of many of the most famous tango dancers in the world.

We are the co-organizers & founders of the biggest Tango social event in London: Milonga Nacimiento, where we invited many legends of tango.

We performed internationally in many countries, including Argentina, Greece, Cyprus, Italy & the UK.

Get in touch with us for any question! We can’t wait to meet you!

– Iro & Adrien